“A powerful energy source” – an interview about the “Forumslader”

forumslader Long ago, on someone had the idea to build a charging device which uses the energy from the hub dynamo to charge electronic gadgets. While meanwhile similar devices are available from commercial producers, was developed there as a community project. Jens During from Cottbus, Germany, documented the development on and he was responsible for moderating and fostering the development. Now, the „Forumslader“ (German for „charger from the forum“) is also further developed on the, where mainly Patrick Hagemann, who is studying electronics and engineering in Jena is driving the development further. BentBlog talked to them now. Read More

Yehuda Moon and the Kickstand Cyclery on

yehudamoon I am a big fan of the Yehuda Moon comics. If you don’t know Yehuda, Joe, Frank, the Ninja Biker and all the others, visit and have a look at the archive. From now on the daily Yehuda Comic can also be found on (just klick on the link at the top of the page, see picture).

The only thing I hope for is more recumbent related stories…

The online-shop for special parts: Gingko-Spezialradteile

gingko Recumbent bikes – and here especially velomobiles – often consist of special parts which are rather seldomly used in other bike types. Due to the comparably small production numbers it is not Shimano or SRAM who build these. There are smaller companies, often founded by recumbent enthusiasts, who take care of the production and improvement of these parts. Lutz Söhnchen and Jörg “Joggl” Leupold were annoyed that no light velomobile wheels were available. The first obstacle were the hubs which are usually used in velomobiles: single sided attached Sturmey-Archer drum-brake hubs in a single version only – with 36 spoke holes. Further, light chains sold by the meter, chain tubes and chain idlers were hardly available or in low quality. Thus the two guys founded Gingko-Spezialradteile and now offer what they missed on the market before. Read More

Roll out video of the VeloX

The students team of the Technical University Delft, Netherlands, which aims for building the fastest bike on earth, just released a very nice video. Among others, they are supported by Alligt and RaptoBike. Read More

Open Day at HP Velotechnik

hp_tag_offene_tur If you want to have a look at Germany’s leading recumbent manufacturer’s headquarter – here is your chance. HP-Velotechnik will have an Open-Day on 6th of August 2011. Read More

Still alive…

My last blog post was published on 2nd of April; quite a long time ago. In the meantime, I had my doctoral exam viva and subsequently cared more about family. This and all the work which kept lying on the desk while I was preparing for the exam did not leave any time for blogging. I hope this will become better now.

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News from the Go-One work shop

foto-1 Daniel Fenn’s Mail was sent on April 2nd, 0:00, so I am pretty sure it is no April Fool’s joke. The new Go-One (which is likely to be called “Evo-K” according to internet-rumours (K for German Kopf draußen, head outside) seems to be close to finalized. At least the first fairing was taken from the moulds. Read More

HP-Velotechnik working on Trike Velomobile add-on

Gekko fx A lot of recumbent riders are fans of foldable kayaks. So are the guys at HP-Velotechnik. So it was no wonder that they approached the German Klepper Faltbootwerft AG when they thought about their latest project. Read More

M5 M-Racer now available

M5 M-Racer As published back in October, M5 is coming up with a new racing bike – the M-Racer. According to the M5-website, ist weighs 13.2kg with 622 rear- and 559 front wheel. Using carbon fork and seat, the weight can be reduced to 12.4kg.

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250th Alligt Alleweder A4 honoured with a movie

Alligt honoured the 250th Alleweder A4 with a movie about the most frequently sold version of this velomobile – the “bouwpakket”, dutch for building kit. See the movie: Read More