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Since the end of 2009, I have reported about news from the recumbent bike, trike and velomobile scene here. In 2012, the publishing activity decreased. On the one hand, family and real life work issues often had higher priority than the blogging. On the other hand, I had made it more complicated for myself as [...]

Alligt offers Sunrider-drawings for own projects

It was already mentioned in my interview with Leo Visscher and Dietrich Lohmeyer: Alligt and Akkurad are revising the Sunrider completely.

“A powerful energy source” – an interview about the “Forumslader”

Long ago, on someone had the idea to build a charging device which uses the energy from the hub dynamo to charge electronic gadgets. While meanwhile similar devices are available from commercial producers, was developed there as a community project. Jens During from Cottbus, Germany, documented the development on [...]

Yehuda Moon and the Kickstand Cyclery on

I am a big fan of the Yehuda Moon comics. If you don’t know Yehuda, Joe, Frank, the Ninja Biker and all the others, visit and have a look at the archive. From now on the daily Yehuda Comic can also be found on (just klick on the link at the top of [...]

The online-shop for special parts: Gingko-Spezialradteile

Recumbent bikes – and here especially velomobiles – often consist of special parts which are rather seldomly used in other bike types. Due to the comparably small production numbers it is not Shimano or SRAM who build these. There are smaller companies, often founded by recumbent enthusiasts, who take care of the production and [...]

Roll out video of the VeloX

The students team of the Technical University Delft, Netherlands, which aims for building the fastest bike on earth, just released a very nice video. Among others, they are supported by Alligt and RaptoBike.

250th Alligt Alleweder A4 honoured with a movie

Alligt honoured the 250th Alleweder A4 with a movie about the most frequently sold version of this velomobile – the “bouwpakket”, dutch for building kit. See the movie:

Cycle chain made of plastic?

Frequently, new bike models are thrown onto the market and usually a promise is connected to these new models: they are lighter, better foldable, more comfortable, or whatever.

Today, I saw a message on the blog of the Human Power Team Delft who aim to build and ride a recumbent bike at world record speed.

RaptoBike Mid Racer listed for pre-order

A lot of people were waiting for quite some time to get news about the Mid Racer. Some weeks ago, Arnold Ligtvoet, the head of RaptoBike told me that he was doing final work on the bike and that it would become available soon after the relaunch of his website.

Dutch student team aiming for the 200m and 1h record

In the past there had been quite some cooperations between the Technical University Delft and companies from the recumbent business. Currently there is a student team which wants to build the fastest bike on earth. They are supported by Raptobike, Alligt and Tacx and they also have a project website. Interesting for you: they are [...]