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Since the end of 2009, I have reported about news from the recumbent bike, trike and velomobile scene here. In 2012, the publishing activity decreased. On the one hand, family and real life work issues often had higher priority than the blogging. On the other hand, I had made it more complicated for myself as [...]

Still alive…

My last blog post was published on 2nd of April; quite a long time ago. In the meantime, I had my doctoral exam viva and subsequently cared more about family. This and all the work which kept lying on the desk while I was preparing for the exam did not leave any time for blogging. [...]

Recumbent-tweet of the day: Raptotrike *Updated*

It took only hours after Arnold Ligtvoet, the head of Raptobike had tweeted a link to his facebook-site where he had posted a picture of a new trike he devoloped on the basis of his single tracked recumbents until the message spread over the recumbent-related internet, like

Back from holidays

I just returned from a trip to our former home town Hamburg with my family. We lived in the most beautiful town of Germany before we had to move to Jülich 1.5 years ago for professional reasons.

We visited friends and I worked in my former institute for a week to proceed with my PhD-thesis (which [...]

Factory Visit: RaptoBike

As I mentioned in my Optima-visit post, I have quite a lot to do in my feed-the-family-job. Therefore it became pretty quiet here on Nevertheless, on our return from a four-day meeting in Noordwijkerhout (Netherlands) some weeks ago (yes, that long ago), I managed to plan the route in a way that I [...]

Videos of the 6th European Seminar on Velomobile Design Now Online

This is a quite short, yet interesting post, I think. Jon Bendtsen from Denmark sent me an email, telling me that all the videos he recorded during the 6th European Seminar on Velomobile Design in Copenhagen are now online.

Long time since last article

There has been few news here in the last couple of days. I updated Wordpress, the theme I use and some of the plugins. Though I tested this on a non-productive system, some problems occurred, which I had not foreseen and tested.

Well, finally it seems as if everything is working again.

In the meantime, some new [...]

You cannot do everything with a recumbent

Caution: this is non-recumbent content! Sometimes, when friends and colleagues are annoyed by my recumbent comments, they say: “well but this or that you cannot do with a recumbent”. Usually I can tell them that you can do it – you just have to choose the right bike. Today I received a youtube-link from a [...]