Open Day at HP Velotechnik

If you want to have a look at Germany’s leading recumbent manufacturer’s headquarter – here is your chance. HP-Velotechnik will have an Open-Day on 6th of August 2011.

Kamran and Maya will travel from Germany to Pakistan

Happy New Year everybody! After quite some time without news on this blog, I come back to you with an interesting voyage which will be done by Kamran Ali, a professional coder who currently lives in Rostock, Germany. He and his HP Velotechnik StreetMachine GTe are going to Pakistan. A 10.500km ride!

Open house at HP Velotechnik

German manufacturer HP Velotechnik sent a press information regarding their open house day 2010. Apart from offering a view into their production and test rides, they also hired Tilmann Waldthaler and Lars Reisberg for talks. See the press release for more information: travelling to the North Cape

Currently you have the chance to ride to the North Cape – virtually. lets you participate in his journey. He is blogging his experiences as often as possible. Additionally (usually a couple of times per day) he tweets about what currently happens. The Speedmachine-rider met the first elks already, heard that a German [...]

Roll Over America – an Interview

You may have read already in the or in During a discussion on the message board, a velomobilist, Josef Janning, expressed his wish to cross the USA in his VM. After a short while this has become the Roll Over America Tour (ROAM). The developments of the plans can be followed [...]

Driving Mango 211 from Groningen (NL) to Riegersburg (AT)

Some days ago, I read a post on the in which an Austrian guy roughly reported how he drove his new Mango (Number 211) from Groningen to his home. I asked him for more information and received lots of photos and a report in form of a log-book. This report reads so good [...]

Recommended Website 1:

 Every here and then, I would like to present some interesting websites. Today it is not only one, but a couple of sites. Speedmachinist (as he calls himself) Lars Reisberg, who is living in Hamburg, runs his Blog at