RaptoBike Midracer Review – Part 2 – Riding Impressions

Here is part 2 of René Freising’s RaptoBike Midracer review. Thank You, René.

RaptoBike Midracer Review – Part 1 – Assembly


Recumbent Anticipation

Today, I received a message from Optima Cycles that my Lynxx is assembled, partly dissasembled again for packing, packed and addressed. Tomorrow, it will leave the factory and go on its journey to me. Additionally, they sent some pictures of the bike.

Factory Visit: Optima Cycles

It became pretty quiet here on I have quite a lot to do in my feed-the-family-job. Nevertheless, sometimes this job is useful for my blog articles as well. When I returned from a four-day meeting in Noordwijkerhout (Netherlands) some weeks ago (yes, that long ago), I managed to plan the route in a way [...]

Factory Visit: Nazca-Ligfietsen

Last Friday, I had the chance to visit Nazca-Ligfietsen, with only 20km detour as I was in the region anyway. The Nazca shop is situated in a tiny village (Nijeveen) in the North-West of the Netherlands. The address (Dorpsstraat 67) illustrates nicely that this is neither a glass and steel designed consume temple in [...]