RaptoBike Midracer Review – Part 2 – Riding Impressions

Here is part 2 of René Freising’s RaptoBike Midracer review. Thank You, René.

RaptoBike Midracer Review – Part 1 – Assembly


The Spezi 2012 is running!

This year, I did not approach the exhibitors of Europe’s biggest special bikes show, which new items they were going to bring to Germersheim. I did not have the time to. In spite of that, some manufacturers sent me some information and some rumors appeared in forum posts. So if you are looking for a [...]

Roll out video of the VeloX

The students team of the Technical University Delft, Netherlands, which aims for building the fastest bike on earth, just released a very nice video. Among others, they are supported by Alligt and RaptoBike.

Open Day at HP Velotechnik

If you want to have a look at Germany’s leading recumbent manufacturer’s headquarter – here is your chance. HP-Velotechnik will have an Open-Day on 6th of August 2011.

M5 M-Racer now available

As published back in October, M5 is coming up with a new racing bike – the M-Racer. According to the M5-website, ist weighs 13.2kg with 622 rear- and 559 front wheel. Using carbon fork and seat, the weight can be reduced to 12.4kg.

Job offer from HP Velotechnik

For quite some time I have wanted to make an interview with the bosses of HP Velotechnik. Generally, they are willing to do this and I sent my question a while ago. Nowever, those two guys are working hard in their firm, so yet they could not answer my questions.

Now Paul hollants asked me [...]

Spezi2011: Who is showing what – Part 1

The Special Bikes Show, or Spezi (abbreviation for the German word Spezialradmesse), is the biggest and most important fair for the European recumbent scene. What started as an idea of a bike shop owner in Germersheim 15 years ago, now attracts visitors and exhibitors from all over the world. This years exhibitor with the [...]

Kamran and Maya will travel from Germany to Pakistan

Happy New Year everybody! After quite some time without news on this blog, I come back to you with an interesting voyage which will be done by Kamran Ali, a professional coder who currently lives in Rostock, Germany. He and his HP Velotechnik StreetMachine GTe are going to Pakistan. A 10.500km ride!

RaptoBike Mid Racer listed for pre-order

A lot of people were waiting for quite some time to get news about the Mid Racer. Some weeks ago, Arnold Ligtvoet, the head of RaptoBike told me that he was doing final work on the bike and that it would become available soon after the relaunch of his website.