Roll out video of the VeloX

The students team of the Technical University Delft, Netherlands, which aims for building the fastest bike on earth, just released a very nice video. Among others, they are supported by Alligt and RaptoBike.

Cycle chain made of plastic?

Frequently, new bike models are thrown onto the market and usually a promise is connected to these new models: they are lighter, better foldable, more comfortable, or whatever.

Today, I saw a message on the blog of the Human Power Team Delft who aim to build and ride a recumbent bike at world record speed.

Dutch student team aiming for the 200m and 1h record

In the past there had been quite some cooperations between the Technical University Delft and companies from the recumbent business. Currently there is a student team which wants to build the fastest bike on earth. They are supported by Raptobike, Alligt and Tacx and they also have a project website. Interesting for you: they are [...]

“RAAM is appealing to me” – an Interview with Christian von Ascheberg

Since the beginning of August, Christian von Ascheberg holds the world record over 12h, 1000km and 24h in the fully faired class. Christian who was born in 1958 in Kassel, Germany now lives in Wolfenbüttel with his wife and his son. BentBlog talked to him.

Record-Report by Christian von Ascheberg

Christian published his report on the record ride allready on in German. I was allowed to publish this also on and created an English translation. Please note that some expressions in the original are hard to translate and I did some interpretation… Thank you Christian, here is what he wrote:

Record-Weekend: New 24h-World Record *4 Updates*

Christian von Ascheberg achieved 1000km after 19h 27min! He broke Jeff Nielsen’s record (1109km) after 21h 36min! This means he may go farther than 1200km in 24h!!!

*Update* Apart from Christian also Charles Henry (fully faired) and Andreas Kraus (Partly faired, Bülk) are on the track. Charly will also be faster than Jeff’s record, if Christian [...]

Record-Weekend: New 12h-World Record *Update*

Christian von Ascheberg set a new 12h world record. After 11 hours he had already reached the old distance. After 12h he reached approx. 670km and is now aiming at the 24h record.Congratulations for the incredible success and good luck for the next 12 hours. Some other drivers, among them Daniel Fenn, had to give [...]

Go-One Evolution R4 (Brutos)

Daniel Fenn, who will attempt to set a new record for the 24h HPV next weekend still works on the vehicle, he wants to use for this: A new variant of the Go-One Evolution R. The R4 (4th model of the series) is again lighter than his last velomobile and Daniel writes in the [...]

Reminder: Record weekend

I just wanted to remind you all that next weekend there will be a multiple record attempt at the Dekra-Testoval.

For more information, prior to and during this event, please visit the record team website. Visitors and helpers are welcome. The event will start on Friday, 30th of July 2010 16:00, the track is available until [...]

“The Lamborghini among the velomobiles” an Interview with Michael Beyss and Daniel Fenn

The news of a new velomobile from Go-One manufacturer Beyss has gone through the velomobile scene some weeks ago. Meanwhile I managed to have an interview with Michael Beyss and Daniel Fenn who developed the race version of the Go-One Evolution (then with the additional lettre R) in cooperation.