M5 M-Racer now available

As published back in October, M5 is coming up with a new racing bike – the M-Racer. According to the M5-website, ist weighs 13.2kg with 622 rear- and 559 front wheel. Using carbon fork and seat, the weight can be reduced to 12.4kg.

Go-One Evolution R4 (Brutos)

Daniel Fenn, who will attempt to set a new record for the 24h HPV next weekend still works on the vehicle, he wants to use for this: A new variant of the Go-One Evolution R. The R4 (4th model of the series) is again lighter than his last velomobile and Daniel writes in the [...]

Results of the Trike Race during Spezi 2010

Paul Hollants from HP Velotechnik just sent me a press release on the Spezi Trike Race. You can find it and some photos after the break.

Trike Race 2010 at the Spezi in Germersheim – The European Cup for Recumbent Trike Riders

On Saturday 24th of April 2010 HP Velotechnik, Hasebikes and the Special Bikes Show in Germersheim host the biggest trike race in Europe.

In short racing runs of a couple of minutes, the fastest trike rider on the track in front of the Germersheim town hall, which includes a banked curve, jumps and a water [...]