The Spezi 2012 is running!

This year, I did not approach the exhibitors of Europe’s biggest special bikes show, which new items they were going to bring to Germersheim. I did not have the time to. In spite of that, some manufacturers sent me some information and some rumors appeared in forum posts. So if you are looking for a [...]

Alligt offers Sunrider-drawings for own projects

It was already mentioned in my interview with Leo Visscher and Dietrich Lohmeyer: Alligt and Akkurad are revising the Sunrider completely.

“A powerful energy source” – an interview about the “Forumslader”

Long ago, on someone had the idea to build a charging device which uses the energy from the hub dynamo to charge electronic gadgets. While meanwhile similar devices are available from commercial producers, was developed there as a community project. Jens During from Cottbus, Germany, documented the development on [...]

The online-shop for special parts: Gingko-Spezialradteile

Recumbent bikes – and here especially velomobiles – often consist of special parts which are rather seldomly used in other bike types. Due to the comparably small production numbers it is not Shimano or SRAM who build these. There are smaller companies, often founded by recumbent enthusiasts, who take care of the production and [...]

Pinion P1 gear box

Recently I read abuot the Pinion P1 gear-box for the first time. It is a new bike gear system which is located in the bottom bracket (region). In contrast to the Schlumpf drives or similar products, we are not talking about 2 or 3 gears but 18 of them.

Hase presents new E-Trike with foldable fairing

Hase is going to present a new E-trike on basis of their Kettwiesel. The KLIMAX 2K will cost around 5600 Euro and will be shown on the EuroBike 2010 (see Press Release, currently only in German). I personally feel that e-bikes go beyond the subject of, therefore Idid not report much about them [...]

Strange Marketing: Magura looking for spectacular crash videos

The German manufacturer of brakes and other bike-related parts, Magura,  sent a newsletter today, which leaves me a little dazzled: You can win a disc brake of your choice if you send them a video showing an accident with your (at best Magura-equipped) bike or the rest of your bike… I don’t have to understand [...]

Spezi2010: Who is showing what – Part 5

The Special Bikes Show (Spezi) 2010 is coming closer and I have not yet finnished to show you who is showing what

10-gear hub dynamo by Rohloff und Schmidt (SON) *UPDATE*

Last year in September – did not exist by then – I met Wilfried Schmidt and Bernhard Rohloff by chance during a meeting at the EuroBike. As you can see on the photo, they were in a very good mood, we started talking about recumbents, technical developments and the blog I was starting [...]

M5Pro – the new M5 online store for lightweight components just published an article on Bram Moens newest activity. M5 started a webshop for lightweight components.