Is a Go-One Evo K just too big and slow for you?

Well Beyss, the manufacturer of the Go-one velomobiles now has a solution for this. Daniel Fenn, who had also been responsible for the development of the Evo K wanted to reduce the cross-sectional surface further and come up with a light velomobile for not too tall riders.

The Spezi 2012 is running!

This year, I did not approach the exhibitors of Europe’s biggest special bikes show, which new items they were going to bring to Germersheim. I did not have the time to. In spite of that, some manufacturers sent me some information and some rumors appeared in forum posts. So if you are looking for a [...]

New Photos of the Alleweder A8 *update*

In the German Velomobilforum they are called „Aluminauts“ at times. Velomobile riders (or wannabes) who are having a special relationship to the aluminium velomobile Alleweder in its different model generations. Whether it is the construction material aluminium or the fact that you can build an aluminium Alleweder on your own: For Aluminauts the [...]

Alligt offers Sunrider-drawings for own projects

It was already mentioned in my interview with Leo Visscher and Dietrich Lohmeyer: Alligt and Akkurad are revising the Sunrider completely.

New entry-level HP-Velotechnik Gekko variant

There is a new version of the HP-Velotechnik Gekko trike. In contrast to the Gekko fx it is not foldable but separable.

“A powerful energy source” – an interview about the “Forumslader”

Long ago, on someone had the idea to build a charging device which uses the energy from the hub dynamo to charge electronic gadgets. While meanwhile similar devices are available from commercial producers, was developed there as a community project. Jens During from Cottbus, Germany, documented the development on [...]

News from the Go-One work shop

Daniel Fenn’s Mail was sent on April 2nd, 0:00, so I am pretty sure it is no April Fool’s joke. The new Go-One (which is likely to be called “Evo-K” according to internet-rumours (K for German Kopf draußen, head outside) seems to be close to finalized. At least the first [...]

HP-Velotechnik working on Trike Velomobile add-on

A lot of recumbent riders are fans of foldable kayaks. So are the guys at HP-Velotechnik. So it was no wonder that they approached the German Klepper Faltbootwerft AG when they thought about their latest project.

M5 M-Racer now available

As published back in October, M5 is coming up with a new racing bike – the M-Racer. According to the M5-website, ist weighs 13.2kg with 622 rear- and 559 front wheel. Using carbon fork and seat, the weight can be reduced to 12.4kg.

Cycle chain made of plastic?

Frequently, new bike models are thrown onto the market and usually a promise is connected to these new models: they are lighter, better foldable, more comfortable, or whatever.

Today, I saw a message on the blog of the Human Power Team Delft who aim to build and ride a recumbent bike at world record speed.