Yehuda Moon and the Kickstand Cyclery on

I am a big fan of the Yehuda Moon comics. If you don’t know Yehuda, Joe, Frank, the Ninja Biker and all the others, visit and have a look at the archive. From now on the daily Yehuda Comic can also be found on (just klick on the link at the top of [...]

250th Alligt Alleweder A4 honoured with a movie

Alligt honoured the 250th Alleweder A4 with a movie about the most frequently sold version of this velomobile – the “bouwpakket”, dutch for building kit. See the movie:


More than a year ago, I posted an article about a Danny MacAskill video. I headlined it “You cannot do everything with a recumbent” Now a new video shows that it took him several attempts as well. Nice footage.

Quick web tip: The Ferdinand GT3 RS

In the German user “Herr Rossi” posted a link to a youtube-movie you have to see!

Who is the fastest recumbent rider?

I personally think that the majority of recumbent riders is riding recumbently because it is more comfortable. However, there is of course an active little minority which is interested in high-speeds. Therefore, Lars from Speedmachine Adventures starts a little contest.

Business card for velomobilists

peter n, a user of the German was tired of the same returning questions regarding his velomobil.

How much does it cost?
How fast is it?
Isn’t it dangerous?

So Peter prepared a business card, which he now gives to folks whose interest does not go beyond these questions.