Alligt offers Sunrider-drawings for own projects

It was already mentioned in my interview with Leo Visscher and Dietrich Lohmeyer: Alligt and Akkurad are revising the Sunrider completely.

“A powerful energy source” – an interview about the “Forumslader”

Long ago, on someone had the idea to build a charging device which uses the energy from the hub dynamo to charge electronic gadgets. While meanwhile similar devices are available from commercial producers, was developed there as a community project. Jens During from Cottbus, Germany, documented the development on [...]

Present your Do-It-Yourself Project on

You built a carrier, a seat or an entire vehicle? I would like to publish your project on

Business card for velomobilists

peter n, a user of the German was tired of the same returning questions regarding his velomobil.

How much does it cost?
How fast is it?
Isn’t it dangerous?

So Peter prepared a business card, which he now gives to folks whose interest does not go beyond these questions.