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Since the end of 2009, I have reported about news from the recumbent bike, trike and velomobile scene here. In 2012, the publishing activity decreased. On the one hand, family and real life work issues often had higher priority than the blogging. On the other hand, I had made it more complicated for myself as I started as bi-lingual website. Every article had to be entered and formatted twice. Quite some time ago I also became a editor and additionally entered my articles into the cms (which is not as easy as wordpress…).

I now came to the conclusion that I will quit blogging here. The blog will remain accessible as long as I don’t have to spend too much work on keeping it up. There are a couple of articles in work which will either not be finalized or published on only. Modifications to my a8 will be presented on

Thank you very much for your feedback and interest. Happy rides!


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