The Spezi 2012 is running!

This year, I did not approach the exhibitors of Europe’s biggest special bikes show, which new items they were going to bring to Germersheim. I did not have the time to. In spite of that, some manufacturers sent me some information and some rumors appeared in forum posts. So if you are looking for a reason to go to Spezi today (or if you do not want to go there or if you can’t, but you want to know what is shown there) read after the break..


Alligt came with two new models to Germersheim. The Alleweder a8 and the new Sunrider. The AW a8 is optically influenced by the WAW but based on the building kit as the a4. Leo Visscher takes orders already. He is still working on the cover, he is calling „cockpit“. The metal sheets are also modified a little bit for better buildability. The new Sunrider looks mostly like the old model from its outer appearence. Having a look at the technical aspects shows that Alligt took a lot of parts from the actual Allweeder models, struts and rear fork for example. The Sunrider received bigger access hatches and its production is now simpler and thus faster and cheaper.

Elmar Maier of brought the new El Loco and the Leiba Cargo . El Loco is a new development which will be offered as complete VM, but also as an add-on for trikes. It is mainly thought as a fun-vehicle. The Leiba-Cargo seems to leave the prototype state and offers space for bigger transport volumina or a passenger.

Carbon Recumbents also brought a VM. Its huge transparent surfaces will produce some discussion (heat, fogging).

Recumbent bikes:

Nazca brought the seperable Quetzal tandem.

Apart from that the manyfold models by Troytec will have been in the focus. Fast, well manufactured racing-recumbents with varying wheel-formula (2×622, 622×406,…), with and without frame-suspension, as shorter (and discussable design, but the bike can surely be ordered without the odd decals) ladies version, and additionally a new tail fairing.

Made of carbon as well but considerably cheaper and less for the high-tech addict, the bikes by Carbon Recumbents from Hungaria. Their bikes also left the prototype status and can now be ordered.


Here, I mainly want to write about two companies by recumbent/velomobile enthousiasts, Hagemann-Bikeparts and Gingko Feine Spezialradteile . Patrick Hagemann not only shows his light wooden seat and some bike electrics (headlights, forum charger) but also some parts made of wood, such as hubs and frames. Gingko developed their products further and found new sources for some parts. They are showing weight reduced Sturmey-Archer hubs with cooling riffles on them, a pendle-chain-role for the Milan, wide rims for the use in velomobiles and a lot more (there might be an extra article on them soon).

Pictures can be found here

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