New entry-level HP-Velotechnik Gekko variant

HP Velotechnik Gekko There is a new version of the HP-Velotechnik Gekko trike. In contrast to the Gekko fx it is not foldable but separable.The non-fx Gekko does – according to the specifications – seem to have a similar geometry and driving behaviour as its foldable brother. Disassembled, you end up with a package of 103 x 58 x 83 cm and HP-Velotechnik states that this takes only around one minute.The front wheels are attached with quick release connections, hence they can also be separated quickly, which results in a final package-size of around 110×52x73 cm (yes, it is longer but more handy without wheels as the front frame part (including crank-set) is then parallel to the base).

The Gekko is approx. 400g lighter (15.4kg) than the Gekko fx and 100 Euro cheaper (1890 Euro). I was told that due to increased production costs, HP-Velotechnik will have to raise the price for the Gekko fx soon. From November 2011 it will have a base price tag of 2190 Euro. Hence the cost difference is even more pronounced between Gekko and Gekko fx.

This model may be of little importance for the technically interested bike manic, however given the current economical problems all over the world which result in lower consumption and thinking of very price-sensitive markets such as the US, this cheaper yet technically simpler model occurs as a logical development.

HP Velotechnik Gekko HP Velotechnik Gekko

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  • Georg

    Nun ja, 400g gewichtsersparnis ist auch nicht ohne. Diesen Weg ist auch ICE mit dem neuen Vortex gegangen, daß auch nicht mehr faltbar ist und nicht mal mehr zerlegbar. Dadurch konnte aber erheblich an Gewicht gespart werden und das wird jetzt auch als Vorteil so dargestellt: Vortex als Rennmaschine. Komisch, daß HPV das nicht mehr als Verkaufsargument in den Vordergrund stellt.