Recumbent-tweet of the day: Raptotrike *Updated*

raptotrike It took only hours after Arnold Ligtvoet, the head of Raptobike had tweeted a link to his facebook-site where he had posted a picture of a new trike he devoloped on the basis of his single tracked recumbents until the message spread over the recumbent-related internet, like If you are visiting regularly, you might have read my article on my visit at the Raptobike-shop last year. I wrote about Arnolds ambitions to create a velomobile as he wanted to ride in winter as well. It seems as if he approached this goal a bit closer by creating the raptotrike (Arnold has owned the domain since the beginning of his business).

Of course, I asked Arnold immediately about more information and he kindly sent the message below:

Since the Mid Racer development has finished and I am now waiting for the first deliveries I had some ’spare’ time to think about new projects. Originally I started RaptoBike since I wanted to ride my recumbent in winter as well, so a enclosed trike or velomobile has always been in the back of my mind.

I did not think about trikes very much over the last few years, but when I did think about trikes I always knew that mine had to be front wheel drive and tilting. The front wheel drive part should be clear, but the tilting may not be. I like the feeling of leaning into corners that you get on a two wheeled recumbent or a regular bike.

The current development (and it is just that, without promises on production yet) is a plugin module. The module fits the Low Racer and Mid Racer (or any front wheel drive bike with a 100mm spacing on the rear hub) and offers an instant upgrade to a tilting trike. So in the summer you can ride bike and in the fall and winter trike. It also allows customers to ride a tilting trike on the basis of the low (27cm) racer or a unique (as far as I am aware at this time) 3×26″ tilting trike on the basis of a RaptoBike mid racer.

At the moment I am testing the module and looking into the possibilities of producing it. I would therefore appreciate feedback on the development to also see if there is an interest in it.


I think it is great!

*Update* See a video of the tilting trike!

5 comments to Recumbent-tweet of the day: Raptotrike *Updated*

  • Why do you need two rear wheel?

  • Ron Checora

    BRILLIANT!!!! Now I want one even more than ever.

  • Armin K. Gütler

    Sakari, did you ever ride a recumbent trike? If so, you wouldn´t ask. There is no “stalling speed”, so you can ride it till zero speed, it feels a lot better on slippery surfaces and so on.- Even more when you got some luggage with it!

  • Yes I am interested. I have a suitable machine already. Projected price?
    Does it lock in the upright position for stopping and starting ? (essential for mounting a body)

  • Zixvelo

    Armin, Mr Holma knows quite a lot about recumbents, having built both two-wheelers and trikes. Beautiful ones at that.
    His question is merited.
    Hej Sakari! He hasn’t implemented the tilt lock yet. Except for being able to stop without putting your feet down (with the tilt lock active), the tilting delta is quick in the bends, due to slightly widening track width as the bike leans. (look at and at for more on the leaning mechanism)