News from German Velomobile Builders

New Beyss VM Recently, interesting news popped up on the German The manufacturer of the Go-One (3, Evo, Evo-R) seems to be working on a new model, this time a “head-out” version.

Marcus van der Wehl, the inventor of the rear-steered and front-wheel-driven Velayo offers some new options.

In the past, both, the Go-One 3 and the different Evo variants were allways given good marks on design and speed. However, sometimes users reported fogging of the canopy. Beyss tried to work on this problem with electric fans and finally had good success with a specially hardened version of the canopy. However, not everybody wants to ride a “head-in” Velomobile and Beyss seem to adress these wishes now.

I do not yet have specific information from Beyss themselves, but Daniel Fenn, who is working for them stated that he expects the VM to be as light as 17kg and Michael Beyss confirmed in the forum that the new one will be available in the building-types glass-fiber, carbon-fiber and honeycomb.

The pictures in the forum seem to be authorized, however I did not yet receive any news or pictures, hence I link them here only:

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

velayomitdach In the same forum, Marcus von der Wehl reported to offer new options for the Velayo, among them the versatile-roof (specially adopted) which looks very nice on the velayo and a special cover (see pictures). Further, he is working on an light and horn option. He promised to send me more info on that soon, so I will come back to this in a couple of days.


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