What you can find on’s second hand board *Update*

Special Alleweder Lars Speedmachine The second-hand board of belongs to my daily reads. Even if I do not want to buy something, you can see fantastic vehicles there every here and then. In the last couple of days two adverts made me look closer – however, for different reasons. First I saw Lars Reisberg’s HP-Velotechnik Speedmachine in the Bianchi-look for sale and was amazed as he had just finnished changing her look. Then I stubbled over an Alleweder with a nicely made canopy. I contacted the owner and was even more surprised

Regarding Lars’ Speedmachine, he meanwhile posted something on his blog – he wants to buy a faster and less comfortable bike for shorter voyages. So if you are interested in a very special looking Speedmachine with Rohloff, SON, Edelux, … and you can spend 3500 Euro, don’t hesitate – buy it…

When I contacted the Alleweder owner and asked for more information, he sent me some more photos and a link to his blog where he describes how he altered an original Alleweder. First I thought this was a late April Fool – however, it seems as if this guy really applied self-made rocket engines to this VM. I am really impressed though I am still looking for the flux-capacitor. See the photos:

*Update* I forgot to mention: Jacques Vandevelde from Belgium is the builder of the Alleweder canopy and the rocket application.

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